Sugar May Not Be Very Good for Children’s Brain Development


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Candy, “Take Me!” she yells; especially if it is a product marketed to children.

While high-sugar diets are linked to health conditions such as obesity, heart disease and even impaired memory function, children are the biggest consumers of added sugar.

But high sugar consumption in childhood can lead to brain development; In particular, not much is known about how it affects a brain region called the hippocampus, which is known to be very important for learning and memory.

A new study led by the University of Georgia and jointly with the University of Southern California found that the daily consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks during adolescence in a rodent model impairs performance in a learning and memory task in adulthood. The research group has also shown that changes in gut bacteria may be key to this memory impairment caused by sugar.

Parabacteroides The observation of similar memory impairments, together with the experimental enrichment of the so-called bacteria in the intestines of animals that did not consume any sugar, supports this possibility.

Emily Noble, the first author of the article and an assistant professor at GU Faculty of Family and Consumer Sciences, says: “Sugar consumption in the early stages of life, Parabacteroides increased their levels. Parabacteroides the higher their level, the worse the animals exhibited in the task we were given. We found that bacteria alone can weaken memory like sugar. But other types also weakened memory functions. “

It is not yet known whether sugar and bacteria have the same effect in humans.

In the Dietary Guidelines for Americans published jointly by the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services, it is recommended that added sugars should not exceed 10 percent of the daily calorie intake.

Study three days ago Translational Psychiatry published in the bulletin.

Cal Powell / University of Georgia. Ç: O.

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